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Monday, November 14, 2005


Just managed to watch Stars Wars Episode Three: Revenge of The Sith. What a disappointment! The saying of ‘the higher the hope, harder is the fall’ rang so true and ouch, so painful.

In case you’re wondering, no, this is not an old blog entry. It just that I wasn’t particularly keen on watching Episode III in the cineplexes, thus had to wait till the DVD came out.

I’m just not a fan of cineplexes, I think.

Let me share my TOP TEN REASONS for watching movies in cineplexes :-

1. got stuck in an unexpected traffic jam at an ungodly time of 10 pm. ‘Don’t these fellas go home and rest?’, you wondered.

2. reached the shopping complex after pressing your car horn longer than stepping on the gas pedal.

3. spent 30 minutes looking for parking spot. Forced to stalk shoppers who were walking back to their cars, trailing them with your car and hoping to get their parking spot.

4. greeted by hordes of human upon reaching the concourse area. Got to rub shoulders and some other unmentionable body parts on way to the cineplex.

5. almost didn’t made in to the counter to collect your reserved tickets. Your bloodshot eyes and sweaty matted head scared the counter clerk. Anticipatory responses to watching a great movie or anxiety stress? You couldn’t decide as you felt a chill in your spine.

6. Busied yourself with wiping off ice-cream from your back. Apparently you were stabbed in the back with a sundae. The culprit was busy yakking away on her cell phone and failed to notice your ‘skinny’ 200 pound frame. ‘Sorry, couldn’t see you,” was all she said. “200 pounds? Couldn’t see me?!” Felt like screaming but was still paralyzed from the icy blast.

7. Lined up to pay exorbitant prices for stale popcorns and tasteless cokes. Very fidgety and wanted to get your order as soon as possible. Ironically, you could hardly wait to be ‘conned’ soon enough. Ahh…the power of marketing.

8. Alas, seated comfortably in your seat. Two large size persons plonked themselves on both sides of you. Guessed that they probably rushed over from the gym located in the same premise. Probably were working out a sweat, overlooked the time and rushed over in double quick time. Hagar the Horrible would had been ashamed for smelling like a rose next to them.

9. Movies begin. Nice intro. Was greatly impressed for the first 30 minutes before realizing that the best part of the movie had eclipsed you by. ‘What crap. What a waste of time,’ you told yourself.

10. Movie ends and you felt so cheated that you vowed never again. As you walked out the Cineplex, you saw posters of upcoming movies and were attracted. Started making plans for the next movie outing. Repeat 1 to 5 above in reverse order to get home.

Three cheers for the great cinematic experience of the 21st century....

Friday, November 04, 2005

Contorted Conversations - A Prayer Distorted

‘Bob, how are you, Bob, doing? Oh, Bobby, my friend, it’s a long time, buddy, since I heard from, buddy, you who are my close friend. Bob, how’s the wife, bob? Bob, do send, Bob, my regards, my buddy, my long time friend, to her. Bob, my friend, my chum, how’s the knee, my football mate, Bob? Oh, Bob, I do hope it’s getting better, Bob. Bobby William Smithson the third, do take care, Bob, of yourself, oh, Bob. Buddy, speak to you, buddy, Bob, the next time, chum. Bob, bye, Bob, my friend, you whom I knew since diapers days.’

Does the conversation above sounds funny? To me, it’s beyond funny; it’s simply hilarious. Nobody speaks like that in real life. Maybe we should get him a ‘Conversation for Dummy’ book for Christmas.

Really? Perhaps if we substitute the word ‘Bob’ with God, then it’s not so funny anymore. That’s because that’s how most of us are ‘speaking’ to God. If God is really our friend, we do need to speak to Him is such a contorted way?

For young Christians, possibly it could be due to the reason that they need to reaffirm the ‘Person’ at the other end of the conversation and that they are still new to this prayer thing.

As mature believers, I’ve come to realize that if we don’t watch our words when praying, we would tend to contort our prayers like above too. Perhaps with the closing of our eyes, our concentration tends to lower a little, hence our speech became sort of dreamy like.

However, I think God deserves and expects better from us. If He has given so much to us, the least we can do is have a proper conversation with Him everyday.

Another funny observation is how sometimes we take the concept of the holy Trinity, used the terms interchangeably and ends up with a schizophrenic prayer.

‘Dear God, holy Father Jesus Lord, we asked that you, Father, Saviour, bless this food, Jesus, o, Holy Spirit. Amen.’

Sounds funny and sounds like something we’ve just uttered last night? I’m guilty of the latter at times too.

What I’m trying to say is simple; just be aware of what we’re saying in our prayers, as we tend to be careless with our ‘religious’ lingo when praying. God don’t want to hear ‘religious’ lingo from us. He wants to hear from our hearts. Speak from your heart and He will speak into your life.

31 oct 2005,
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